Speed Brew® Coffee Maker, Black

Speed Brew® Black 10 cup Coffee Maker, SB


This brewer combines our quick brew technology and contemporary, curved design. Simply pour water in, let our sprayhead work its magic, then enjoy delicious coffee like you crave from your favorite restaurant or café. You're happy, we're happy.


  • The very best of our gravity drip innovation reimagined in a contemporary, curved design
  • Color: Black with stainless steel accents
  • Brewing time is approximately 4 minutes helping you get to your happy place fast
  • Lime-tolerant Sprayhead discourages mineral build up, which means less time spent cleaning
  • Internal Water Tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature so you can brew a full pot in about 4 minutes
  • Pour-O-Matic drip-free Glass Carafe is specifically designed to eliminate spillage down the side of the carafe and on the warming plate
  • BUNN-engineered Sprayhead extends the contact time between water and grounds resulting in coffee taste comparable to your favorite restaurant or cafe
Dimensions: 14.5″ H× 7.1″ W× 14.5″ D


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