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4 Machines In One
My Café®
Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer

Explore My Café Single Cup Coffee Maker

4 Machines in One

BUNN My Café® Multi-Use Coffee Maker comes with four separate Drawers. Each Drawer is designed to work with different formats so you decide what and how you want to brew!
MCU | single serving coffee maker | k cups

Brew the way you want

Brew more than coffee! MCU is compatible with K-Cup®* Packs, ground coffee, soft coffee pods and tea bags, loose tea, and dispenses hot water.

*K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig, Incorporated. BUNN® is not affiliated with Keurig, Incorporated
MCU | coffee maker single cup | lifestyle shot

Café taste at home

Unique commercial-style, jet action sprayhead pre-soaks coffee before evenly spraying water to ensure ideal flavor extraction. Pulse option starts and stops water flow several times during the brew cycle, extending contact time for a bolder beverage.

single serving coffee maker for working from home

Brew just for you

Brew as little as 4 ounces to fill a cup or 14 ounces to fill a travel mug

single cup coffee maker with almost instant hot water

BUNN Brews Differently

Internal stainless steel hot water tank holds water at the optimal temperature for best flavor extraction in under a minute

Additional Features
single serving coffee maker | pulse brew PULSE TECHNOLOGY - Pulse brew button extends the brew time for bolder coffee or stronger tea
single serving coffee maker | simple to use SIMPLE TO USE - Pour-in bowl features a water level indicator to show you how much water has been added
single serving coffee maker | here to help WE ARE HERE TO HELP - Customer Service Team located in Springfield, IL, USA to take your calls and emails
single serving coffee maker | built to lst BUILT TO LAST -
2-Year Warranty
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