BUNN Brews Differently
Because better coffee takes a different type of coffee maker.
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BUNN Speed Brew
Meet Speed Brew®
The Fastest
10-Cup Home Coffee Maker that Brews with Café & Restaurant Techniques in just 4 minutes*
*Based on internal testing of BUNN Speed Brew coffee makers to other similar coffee makers
For over 50 years we've been at the forefront of commercial coffee brewing
We're on a mission to bring that commercial expertise directly to your kitchen
So what exactly sets Speed Brew apart?
The 5 T's of Better Brewing

Most commercial coffee brewers rely on internal hot water tanks to ensure their temperature and brew time are precisely dialed in.

Speed Brew is a unique home coffee maker with this same type of tank, an on‑demand hot water tank that's always ready to brew.

BUNN Speed Brew

This tank always has 70oz of hot water at your disposal, kept at approximately 200º F, the commercially recognized ideal brewing temperature. So, whenever you want coffee, Speed Brew can immediately start the brewing process.

The Other Guys

Compare this to other home coffee makers that use a “Burp and Boil” method to brew coffee, which heats your water up after you pour it in, “burping” it over your coffee grounds in spurts as the water boils at 212º F.


Coffee grounds need to spend the right amount of time with hot water to give the final brew a balanced flavor. Brew too long and you’ll get a bitter tasting cup of coffee.

BUNN Speed Brew

Because the tank is already full of water at the ideal brewing temperature, brewing can begin immediately. Instead of inconsistent spurts of boiling water, our temperature-controlled water passes over the grounds in one consistent flow. That’s why Speed Brew can brew 50oz in just four minutes.

The Other Guys

The full carafe in 4 minutes isn't just for show, Speed Brew actually prevents coffee grounds from being in contact with hot water for too long. Since Burp and Boils take twice as long, the long contact with hot water can make for a bitter-tasting cup.


In the world of professional coffee brewing, 200º F is considered the golden standard when it comes to the science of extracting the best flavor from grounds.

BUNN Speed Brew

Thanks to the temperature-regulated tank, Speed Brew can shower the grounds with water that will extract good, balanced coffee.

The Other Guys

On Burp and Boil systems, the water temperature exceeds and falls beneath the recommended 200ºF standard throughout the brew, which negatively impacts flavor.


For the best tasting coffee, grounds should constantly be kept afloat and mingling throughout the brewing process.

BUNN Speed Brew

Speed Brew has an exclusive sprayhead design that showers the entirety of the coffee grounds. And because of the hot water tank, all the water comes in one constant flow that thoroughly mixes the entire bed of coffee grounds.

The Other Guys

Burp and Boil systems spit water over the grounds whenever water boils over, which can result in under-extracted grounds or dry spots - which means the other grounds get over-extracted and contribute to a bitter-tasting cup of coffee.


Tested in the same facilities as our commercial equipment, Speed Brew undergoes the same rigorous attention to detail.

We test them on every aspect of Time, Temperature, and Turbulence, to ensure you have the Best Result in the Cup™ at home.

P.S. If your technique doesn’t match the technology, you’re not getting the most out of your coffee beans.

Did you know BUNN designed Speed Brew around a science-driven formula? For decades, we’ve tested all the variables in the coffee brewing process to ensure your coffee is delicious. That’s why our coffee makers come with a recommended coffee grounds-to-water ratio of 10 tablespoons for 50oz of water.