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1000 count Coffee Filters

1000 count Coffee Filters

Our famous flat bottom design that results in rich flavor extraction


Our filters tower above the rest.


  • TALLER FLUTED WALLS - Designed to protect against the overflow of grounds into your coffee during the brew cycle
  • HIGH QUALITY PAPER - Heavy weight paper slows water flow, allowing for better immersion of the grounds in hot water
  • FLAT BOTTOM - Allows for an even leveling of the coffee grounds and ensures a balanced interaction between hot water and the coffee grounds, for superior flavor extraction
  • Tested to meet all FDA requirements
  • Case of 1,000 filters
  • Designed for BUNN coffee makers, but also fits most home coffee makers' flat-bottom coffee funnels
  • Size: 3"W base diameter, 2.75"H walls: 8.5" flat diameter


  • Tested to meet all FDA requirements
  • Designed for BUNN brewers, but also fits most flat-bottom coffee funnels
  • Size: 2.75" x 3" (6.88 cm x 7.6 cm)
  • Case of 1000

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